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Building on the success of the last year’s Citizens Challenge, Citizens Bank is organizing the Citizens Challenge 2019 — a platform for individual developers and start-ups to prepare and present innovative technology ideas in banking.

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Challenge Prizes

Citizens will work with winning FinTechs (in each category) to further develop their ideas.If feasible, Citizens will attempt a Proof of Concept with the FinTech.

1. Early Stage FinTech


2. Early Stage FinTech

$ 5,000

3. Early Stage FinTech

$ 2,500

Best Student APP Consumer Challenge

Oculus Rift

1 per team member

Best Student APP Commercial Challenge


1 per team member

Best Student APP Shared Service Challenge


1 per team member


We are welcoming ideas that will unlock the technology’s potential based around three core challenge tracks:

Consumer Challenge

As we accelerate our digital transformation, how can you help us improve the speed and efficiency with which we serve our customers?

Consumer Challenge

Each day, consumers and businesses interact with Citizens through digital and digital-assisted channels more often and for more needs. This increased digital engagement has enabled Citizens to find and invest in new ways to make things simple for our customers and the colleagues who serve them. A few areas that intrigue us are:
  • Any opportunity to automate and simplify general operations
  • Streamlining loan approval and processing
  • Complying with KYC requirements
  • Supporting and fulfilling service requests on existing deposit accounts or loans

Commercial Challenge

How might we onboard new commercial customers in a friction less way?

Commercial Challenge

We are looking for innovative solutions that can help find and onboard new corporate customers in a more efficient way, without compromising on the customer experience and compliance requirements. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Collecting & validating (fewer) documents about customers seamlessly
  • Enriching the customer profile with further information from open data sources to avoid manually entry
  • Going through the KYC process digitally

Shared Challenge

How might we use data to make mobile-first customers smarter about their spending & savings?

Shared Challenge

We are looking for innovation solutions that leverage data from inside & outside the bank to improve the financial health of our customers. Help us leverage the potential of data to and explore ways to:
  • Use the power of social media to help drive positive financial health behavior
  • Use market data and exotic data-sets out there to predict churn
  • Use transaction history to enable customers to make and keep financial plans
  • Use interactions between customers & the bank & social media to improve relationship with Citizens advisers


Mike Nugent

Managing Director, Vestigo Ventures

Mike Nugent

Mike is a Managing Director with Vestigo Ventures, a seed/early-stage FinTech VC based in Cambridge, MA. His passion for ideation and start-up companies grew from a decade of private equity experience, after time spent in the public markets.

Mike Massaro

Managing Director, CEO, Flywire

Mike Massaro

As CEO of Flywire, Mike Massaro has grown the business from concept phase to a stable, growing global company. He has overseen the company’s expansion in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific regions, including aligning Flywire’s international team with the company’s strategic direction and increasing the visibility of Flywire globally. Mike’s background spans global payments, mobile software and hardware, and e-billing at high growth technology companies, including Carrier IQ and edocs, Inc. Mike began his career as part of the technical risk services practice at PWC, LLP and he has a Bachelor of Science degree in management information systems from Babson College.

Jean Donnelly

Executive Director, FinTech Sandbox

Jean Donnelly

Jean Donnelly is the FinTech Sandbox Executive Director who comes from Fidelity Investments, GE Capital, and EnerNOC. With a background in insurance operations and process excellence in both financial services and clean tech, she has worked in both small startups as well as established industry makers.

Beth Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Virtual Channels, Citizens Bank

Beth Johnson

Beth Johnson is chief marketing officer and head of virtual channels. She is responsible for corporate-wide marketing activities and for advancing Consumer Banking growth and profitability by leading and aligning the businesses’ strategy, brand, customer experience and data analytics efforts.

Michael Ruttledge

Chief Information Officer, Citizens Bank

Michael Ruttledge

Michael Ruttledge is Chief Information Officer for Citizens Financial Group, Inc. He oversees all aspects of the bank’s technology environment, from customer- and client-facing applications to the people, processes and infrastructure supporting Citizens’ day-to-day business operations.

Girard R. Sargent

President, Citizens Bank (Massachusetts), Head of Corporate Banking (Northeast)

Girard R. Sargent

Jerry is president of Citizens Bank, Massachusetts and head of Corporate Banking for the Northeast Region that includes New England and New York State. He also leads Citizens Financial Group’s state president organization and co-chaired the bank’s outside board of advisors.


4th October 2019

5th October 2019

6th October 2019

Available APIs

To bring your ideas to life, use the available sandbox environment powered by the Open Bank Project. It offers 230 banking APIs you can use in your prototypes.
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Who, what, where, when & how

All intellectual property rights in the ideas and applications of a participant shall
remain owned by, and shall vest in, the participant who creates them. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

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